video editor

Job description

1. Edit x4 Longform videos per month for x1 client’s YouTube channel. We intend to increase the amount of longform videos in two stages. Stage one to 8 videos per month and stage two to 12 videos per month. Ideally, you would have the capacity to increase your workload and hours with us over time to accommodate this. We don’t require you to be on-site filming the videos with the client. A member of our team does this and then the videos are uploaded, ready to be edited. If you require being on location for some reason, please let us know at the end of the application form or email us at Longform videos are around the 15-minute mark. This may vary from time to time.

2. Edit x30 YouTube Shorts per month for x1 client’s YouTube Channel.

This content will be taken from the longform videos and made into ‘short moments’

Shorts are normally around the 15-second mark or less.

If you are unable to get 30 Shorts per month from the longform videos, some Shorts may be created as standalone videos, which we would require you to edit (as part of the monthly quota)

All videos will be uploaded, scheduled, optimised, published, analysed, etc. by our team. 

Examples of the client’s content and brand below (please familiarise yourself)

***Please note, this client’s end product is adult content on the OnlyFans platform which is NSFW. Although you won’t be required to edit any explicit adult content, you MUST be comfortable with this niche, as her social media content will regularly reference her work, be heavily built into her content strategy and you will be editing raw files that may include nudity.***

Job Details

  • Between £12,000 and £36,000+ per year (pre-tax) dependant on number of videos per month (number of videos will increase over time until the work becomes full-time)
  • This is a Contractor role, not a PAYE role (contracts will be provided)
  • Part-time initially but looking to increase to full-time within 6-9 months.
  • No fixed hours (as long as all deadlines are met, we are flexible about your working schedule)
  • Remote Role (as mentioned above, it is not necessary that you film the videos on location with the client unless there is a specific preference to do so, in which case, this can be discussed)
  • Possible probation period of 8-12 weeks may be required.

Essential Skills & Requirements

  • Highly competent at video editing
  • A good understanding of YouTube ‘culture’ 
  • A good understanding of YouTube editing styles (often required to achieve certain goals such as increasing user watch time retention with jump cuts, attention disruptors, etc.)
  • A good understanding of cultural nuances and humour
  • Bring individual creativity / style / flair / humour / entertainment to your edits
  • Priority is increasingly given to us as workload increases
  • Deadlines are met (videos are published on specific days and times and there is a team of people working to the same deadline therefore we can’t have team members blocking each other’s tasks)
  • Speedy in your response time
  • Able to adapt, create & edit appropriately to fit the clients ‘style’, branding and message.
  • Able to pivot to changes in content direction & strategy (lead by us and our client)
  • Fairly organised
  • Have some tech-savvy qualities (ability to pick up system learning fairly quickly, such as a basic use of Notion)

Additional Skills or Experience (ideal but not essential)

  • Some knowledge, understanding and experience using Notion (All of our systems are run on Notion and you will be required to work on our systems. Training will be provided by us.)
  • Open to gaining more work with us (adding in other clients on the same platform)
  • Familiar with other editing styles on other social platforms (such as TikTok)
  • Have graphic design skills (such as creating thumbnails for YouTube)

Personality Traits

  • High standards in work produced
  • Reliable, trustworthy & respectable character
  • Honest & open minded
  • Strong work ethic
  • Able to communicate with others with respect and understanding
  • Fast and clear in your communication (for example, of any updates or changes that may affect others on the team)
  • Able to take feedback well (viewing things objectively rather than personally, a lack of defensiveness)
  • Hungry to learn and improve (yourself and also as part of a team that strives for better results)
  • Ability to pivot and adapt quickly to any changes made (digital marketing is a fast moving environment so we expect members of our team to be open and malleable to sudden adaptations)

Next Steps

  • Please make sure you’ve read this page in full 
  • Click the APPLY HERE button below and fill out the application form
  • If you are shortlisted, we will email you with the next part of the application which will be a video editing practical assignment.

Deadline for this application: Monday 19th June 2023 @ 23:59

If you have any issues or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at


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We respect your privacy, confidentiality, and security so any data or information that you share with us in this application form will NOT be shared with anyone outside of The Social Partners’ Team.